This photo was taken of me and my tiniest baby coming up on 6 months ago. She was roughly 2 hours old.  We’re cuddled up on the couch at home getting breastfeeding set up. I’m wearing the beautiful necklace that my women’s circle gifted to me with their positive messages of strength, courage and love. Bubba is wrapped in a towel that I bought from Big W (with about 10 others) for $3 a few weeks prior. You can see my glorious midwives doing their paperwork on our dining table behind me, just gently getting things done and holding space/ monitoring me and the little person despite missing much of the big event in the end (see podcast ep 😆). This sort of photo just transports me back. Frozen in time in that new baby bliss always. ❤️ Her birth and my rebirth as a mother of three. It was wonderful.

Today I watched the trailer for Birth Time: the documentary and shortly thereafter purchased my ticket for the screening next year. I know it was just the trailer. But I wept. Just. Wept.

The thing is that I have had beautiful births. Each one different and taking me to the next evolution of myself as woman and mother. My most recent birth was, as you can see, at home. It was a birth where I completely trusted myself, my body and my baby and it was full of peace, love and next level strength.

But what irks me is that there’s an implication sometimes that I got lucky. That I’m some sort of magic unicorn for birthing babies. That birth trauma is the norm. Not ecstatic birth and powerful women. That hard work and serious turmoil in navigating the system is irrelevant to how things went. That I fluked it but generally we can all expect to be bruised, battered and broken women in faulty bodies and minds.

Trauma should be the exception. Not the rule. We shouldn’t be putting every other woman back together and being stunned by the one offs that gained something from their birth experience.

I did it because I’m a woman. That’s all. The majority of women can birth in the way that feels best/ most empowering to them if given time, space and support.

I for one cannot wait to see this film. I hope it changes the world 🌎❤️