When first working in birth, given my personal experience- I really believed the main thing a person needed when entering the birth space was a solid education in childbirth.

And I loved to teach it too.

Well- I still teach. I still love it and see the value in it. I still wish everyone had access to high quality independent childbirth education. I wish it was all anyone ever needed.


Yes I’m afraid there’s a but…

I’m absolutely not convinced it’s all you need as a birthing person. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Because no matter which way you slice it, the current medical system is rigged against you. The odds are stacked against anyone who would like a birth with limited or a very specific amount of intervention. Not because birth is inherently cause for intervention or panic but because there’s a cultural assumption that this is the case.

You simply cannot go into birth with a wait and see, fingers crossed, they’ll look after me when I get there attitude. Not because birth is problematic but because the system around it at the moment is.
I stress that I’m not talking about individual midwives or care providers- there are plenty of beautiful and often frustrated people in that category. But the system is still broken, period.

So yes, get educated. Know your options. But above and beyond that- arm yourself with an incredible support team. Get a doula. Empower and initiate your partner. And be ready to step waaaay outside your good-girl shoes and to self advocate. Be set up to say no and yes and ask for what you want and for more information when you need it.

You don’t have to work with me. I’m not for everyone. But I implore you to get set up to achieve what you want.

Your experience matters. ♥️