My kids started asking questions about sex, death, illness, bodies, relationships and god waaaay earlier than I perhaps imagined.

And I was surprised at how giggly and awkward and tongue tied I became at some of these topics. I was surprised at how much my script on these conversations with children seemed to be under rug sweeping and delegating the subject to some outer resource.
Despite having to talk to kids about some tricky subjects in my job in the past- it’s just really different and more intense with your own kids I found. Given that the buck pretty well stops with you.

And it feels like the easiest thing in the world to dismiss or delay their big questions and disregard their small questions. To stay within the bounds of what feels safe in terms of both content and language. It would be so much more comfortable to do just that.

But that’s not parenthood amiright? 😉

Parenthood is raising children, yes. But it is also raising and healing yourself and your own inner child/ back story to be able to be the parent you need to be. It’s entering into the tough talks, pushing and giggling your way through the whole thing if need be.

Honesty, framed in an age appropriate way and with age appropriate language really is the best policy. Children don’t need protection from the truth, they need guidance in navigating it. They need to develop values around it.

And it’s my hopeful belief that a teenager having trouble or with big questions or feelings is much more likely to view their parents as a first port of call if historically they always, always have been. ♥️