Over the weekend, two of my children destroyed my car with vomit over the course of a four hour round trip.

We missed a very important birthday party, I missed a long awaited/ much needed women’s circle. It was just dreadful altogether.

In terms of the vomit horror itself- we kept trying to fix it as we went despite additional voms happening and to clean it up when we could and just before we turned around and drove all the way back.
But despite our best efforts, and then my efforts to launder seats and clean the car itself the following day while looking after sick kids, a sick husband and my sick self… Monday morning came and the whole car was still revolting. I couldn’t drive it you guys- it just smelt horrible.

So my husband, now feeling a little better pulled all the extremely strategically placed seats out, hosed everything, emptied all the books and games and toys and crap out, spread bicarb and vinegar everywhere, rewashed the car seats and pretty much nuked as much of the smell as it is possible to do. Next we’ve got to battle getting the seats back in! 😬

The moral of the story is… sometimes when you’re determinedly going along, on a mission, everything falling apart around you, trying to rebuild as more things disintegrate into chaos, trying to fix things as you’re fixing a million other things… the best thing you can actually do it to get to safety, rip everything out, clean the decks and just start over again.

That’s what I’m taking from the complete shit storm that was anyway. 🤪