The thing about wanting to live an extraordinary life…

Of not wanting to accept the mediocre…

Of wanting to push the boundaries and be a great example to your kids…

Is that it’s painful. It’s work. Intense self work.
It means having to learn to love the parts of yourself that you most struggle with. It absolutely means stepping away from what’s known and what has a societal norm built like a fortress around it and taking a risk as to what comes next.

Part of the reason I’m struggling at the moment is that the path most traveled doesn’t feel as good as it once did. ‘Follow these rules, work hard and you will succeed’ is not sitting right. And I’m pretty much questioning what that’s about every damn day. Recent events too seem to have broken me right down, smashing up my self image and ego and inviting me to rebuild.
And to write. That’s the main driving action- to get some words down on paper.

Despite and beyond the ‘shoulds’ we pile on… to get out from underneath them is mostly hard not because we’re apathetic and just used to them but because of how bloody scary and uncertain it feels to move outside that sphere, not knowing for certain what the goal or the outcome will be.

So the question becomes… do we stay and return back to old habits or do we go, battle on and leave the comfort of what we know and hope things pan out?
Which will ultimately bring more success or happiness?

I legitimately do not know the answer right now.
But one day I’m going to work it out.