Sometimes I feel that I overshare on my socials.
After all- who am I to share anything? Right…?

And my process and painful, exhausting growth- especially lately- can look quite bleak on the surface too. Even to me.

But then… I receive a plethora of various messages from a wide range of different women who want to offer me support, solidarity or who feel EXACTLY as I do.

And that’s when I know that sharing bits of my story, of me stretching uncomfortably out into future me- it feels like the right thing to do for me.

Because I believe we need more stories. I believe women need to be touched by more stories of other women too. Seeing you in I and I in you- that’s the medicine, that’s seeking and rising up the sisterhood that we’ve sadly lost in many places. We crave that. We need it.
Together we are a powerhouse.

So maybe I’m getting far too honest at times. But I refuse to let myself buckle under the weight of my own muscle memory that says, ‘be small, be less, don’t draw attention’.

You never know which sister needs your story to normalise and validate her own after all. You never know what connections and what sisterhood you will find until you open up your arms and your heart. ♥️