First trip to the gym since before my baby was born and all this corona crap kicked off too.

The best thing about it was that I really remembered how my body used to feel before covid eating took completely over. And I actually found that I knew what I was doing with all the shiny gym equipment!

I don’t actually yet know how I’m going to keep this a regular habit PLUS work, study, write, keep my house from exploding and be the mum I need to be to live up to my own standards and put my most important job first.

But I will.

Because I absolutely refuse to accept that I have to be self sacrificing to be a good mum, or to take the much too well trodden path that says if I don’t do the things, things won’t get done.

Women, honestly are sweet fkn incredible- they literally carry our society, raise its future and are paid in bloody peanuts, fear and guilt.

Well I’m not putting up with it anymore. And I’m starting with me. I’m not going to apologise for taking care of me and I’m not letting self-care be the first ball to drop in this juggling act.

Maybe we can’t have it all my loves, maybe we can. But we bloody well deserve to either way.