You don’t need a wax to be acceptable when pushing an actual human out of your human body.

I feel like I say this all the time to clients. So I’m saying it again.

If you love a wax and get them all the time- great. Get one. Sold. You do you.

But for those of you (us) that find them painful (doubly so in pregnancy), unnecessary (at the best of times) and expensive (considering what you’re actually paying this woman to do), you are under NO OBLIGATION TO DO SO.

No one is judging your pubic appearance in the birth space. They’re just not. You’re a grown up, you’d pretty much have to be, you’re going to look like a grown up one way or another. It’s fine.
And more importantly- in the birth space- you are a fkn rock star. You are by definition performing a mother flipping miracle.

Beauty culture can take a hike when there’s a real life goddess in the room.