Woke up this morning already deep into bear mode.

After nursing quite the hangover yesterday (I’m just not used to that anymore people!) I feel like the funk was slowly descending over the last 24 hours.

We have to move house again and all the ghosts and ghouls of what that means for me are coming out of the woodwork. Not having a home or roots or consistency for my kids. Not wanting to leave this lovely house with its beautiful backyard and space for my kids. Not to mention the anxiety around the actual practical aspects of moving. Ugh…

But I’ve decided to go with it.

I grabbed my Ishka shawl (that often doubles as a pretend rebozo) inspired by my gorgeous friend Kate, who knows often looks glorious in one when we sit in circle together. I put on peaceful music and made a cup of tea and I’m ready to ride the deep dive.

I feel like I’ve got to just ride this out, look after myself and accept that this pretty clunky, challenging chapter is likely the hill I have to climb to get to the good stuff on the other side. If I got too comfortable here, perhaps I’d never move on to that next great thing.

So it sucks.

But I’m determined to step into the growth rather than resist it.

But I’ll need a cup of tea with me.