Took myself to lunch.

When I had one baby I virtually never went anywhere or did anything alone. There was always a person to see or a baby activity to attend. If I went anywhere without Bub, I would be racing to get back- feeling guilty for stepping away. Otherwise I would keep to myself at home.
And I was pining. And frankly a bit pissed off.

By baby number two I had learned some things and occasionally did something just for me. I admit I still watched the clock and wrote an internal list of ‘what next’ all the while. By the time she was a toddler though, through a lot of self work, I had really remembered how to refill my own cup.

Now I’m up to baby number three. And an odd thing has happened… I’ve spent the best part of 11 months doing work, study, life and self care as if the baby stage wasn’t a thing.
I got so used to doing things a certain way that I just went right back to that.

And that’s been good in some ways- I’ve taken myself to lovely places and if there’s something I want to do- you better believe I’ll find a way to do it.

But it’s also been a bit rough too. Because sometimes I’ve expected too much of myself. I’ve expected to be able to do everything and be everything. To commit to everything. To pick up where I left off with barely an interruption.

Well the thing is— the baby phase is a thing. Even with a fairly chill kid like I’ve got. There are more demands on your time and energy and body than there may ever be again.

So if you’re here too, please respect that phase and what it means to you. Just do what you can do. Be kind to yourself mumma.

And for God’s sake, take yourself to lunch now and then. ♥️