There are no absolutes.

No rules.

No definites.

If you’ve been told your oldest will certainly be jealous or aggressive with the baby.
If you’re worried you won’t sleep for three years because that’s what happened to someone you know.
If you believe you must raise children according to a strict outline or text book.
If you’re expecting a painful, traumatic birth because those are the stories you’ve heard.
If you’re thinking you need to put your own social life in the bin to care for a baby…

It might happen that way. But it just as equally might not.
You are getting to know a new little person. You are developing a relationship and learning about one another.

It is ok to allow that to unfold in its own unique way. It’s ok not to go into things expecting the very worst. It’s ok to get yourself prepared.

And it’s ok to just cross the bridges when you come to them.