Women are so bloody cool.

When I was young I would look at other women and girls my age with envy and misery that I could not possess what I perceived that they did.

I would feel overshadowed by their sunshine, their intellect, power and beauty.

Well, in recent years- sitting in circle, working with women, changing up my perceptions- I realise now that as women- we all come built with those magnificent qualities in various different forms. Even me.

The more I have recognised that women are these dazzling creatures that can in fact, shine light on one another, see their own reflection in one another and stand alongside and not above one another, the more inspired I am to tell a woman how great she is when I notice it.

It feels a little awkward doing this as in the past I would never feel it was my place to share my opinion with a goddess. It’s a learning curve for me.
But I now know that she might not know that people around are basking in her glow.

So I make a point of saying so. 💖