So many people I admire (and some I don’t) have been out and about on socials and TV this week encouraging us all to get vaccinated. I hear phrases like- ‘it’s our best way out of this mess’ & ‘this is how we end lockdowns’.

And I agree.


I am not eligible to receive the vaccine that the leading medical authorities recommend for people of my age and circumstances.

And yes I am super ticked off at a federal government who has stuffed up this vaccine rollout and supply so royally whilst continuing to toot their own horn. Beep fkn beep.
But then, I can’t do much about that right now.

So what to do?

Staring down the barrel of another extended lockdown. Realising that the risk of blood clots are higher in the pill than in the AZ and I was on that bitch for 10 years. Mind you, I’ve had three children who need me since those days of being able to just readily and often unknowingly accept risk…

So what the heck to do??

I’m no medical expert of course. But is it getting to the point now where I just take what is available? To once again say risks be damned? Is that where we are?
For the sake of being able to contribute to a community health response that will hopefully minimise these agonising lock downs?

I haven’t made up my mind. It’s pretty crap that I have to.

Anyone else feeling that right now?