Tonight this poor little poppet has fallen asleep on me. With moving and lockdowns, colds and huge shifts in everything and everyone around her- she’s been having a really hard time.

This has manifested in her taking control over whatever she possibly can in her own little body, huge emotional outbursts, yelling, demanding things (especially when she knows I’ll likely say no), frequent crying and tonight refusing to go to bed despite being completely 120% exhausted.

It’s not always easy to hold space for that. I’d like to say I have managed this all perfectly and never lost my cool and just gave her what she needed. But that would just not be quite true.

Still- I’m sitting being present with her right now. And this is a completely batshit crazy and scary period we are living in.
So I’m doing my best. And she’s wonderful anyway. And so completely clear and on purpose with the behaviours she’s exhibiting.

I just thought- especially for those in intense lockdown right now- if you’re like me, you might like to know that doing your best is so very much enough but that doesn’t in any way mean that it is easy.
Keep showing up. You’re amazing. ♥️