This lockdown has been especially tough mentally for some reason.
I’m sure I’m not alone in expressing that.
Maybe it’s the fact that it’s AGAIN or that there’s no real end in sight. Whatever it is- it’s been a tough one. And I fear it likely won’t be the last.

Days of intense space holding for overwhelmed kids who often tantrum, too much take away food (fell back into that habit a bit too effortlessly), teaching (but not really) and keeping as busy as humanly possible under the circumstances.
Nights up with restless kids and lying awake thinking of the future and of the women & children of Afghanistan.

I still feel blessed.

For my health, my family and the country I live in. I’m even grateful for this lockdown. I’m glad I have the chance to work hard to make this a time of true connection and getting my priorities straight.

But like most people, even in a privileged position such as mine, I’m really bloody tired.
And I don’t have the capacity to ‘do it all’ right now.

So I’m getting the F off socials for a while my dears. Maybe for a long time. Who knows.

I need to parent, write and work. That’s all.

There’s a line of scheduled posts still to come but otherwise, for my own bandwidth I just need to get away.

I’m still on email (via my website) if you need me.

Hope you’re well, staying safe and caring for your own self and boundaries.

See you on the flip side. ♥️