If you think these infantile, cowardly men are for freedom, you are just fooling yourself.

In fact if you think freedom only applies to individuals and is defined as being able to do whatever you want regardless of the impact it has on the wider community of humans that you live and thrive within- you are likewise fooling yourself.

This shit isn’t about freedom. It’s about anti-science, right wing, toxic masculinity toting predators who are taking advantage of a situation so they can get their nonsense and violence out into the streets, throw urine at journalists and stomp their little feet.

They’re making this worse for everyone.

We don’t want to be in lockdown. I personally am having probably the hardest week since this pandemic began. But I see why things are the way they are. This is bigger than that.
Enter these bloody baby men who are only out for themselves, representing the worst parts of society and making it so much harder for the rest of us.

And that is infuriating.

If you can’t appreciate this, I invite you to both unfollow me and to grow up.

I’ve had enough of this horse shit. 🤬