Anyone else have a completely bulls**t story on rest? A story that you allow to keep running the same track over and over? Or maybe even one that you’ve tried to upend but it just 👏 keeps 👏 coming 👏 back? 

Hopefully not just me…

Rest is one of those things we need to replenish and seem to do when we can…. But then swathe ourselves in guilt as a result. 

Oh the dishes didn’t get done. 

Oh the kids had tinned spaghetti for dinner. 

Oh there’s still toys out on the floor. 

Oh that mum I know posted photos of her spotless mansion. 

Oh I’m failing and flailing and all the terrible things!! 

It’s all bullshit. But so deeply ingrained that we don’t know how to rest and then not punish ourselves for it. 

We rest, we beat ourselves up and then whatever we gained from the rest is pretty well void. 

That’s dumb- as my three year old would say. 

Well I’d just like to point out that there are plenty of people in the world who just rest whenever they want and then get on with life. You/ I may even live with one of them- I don’t know… No pain, no trying to force the issue, no worries. 

Imagine that. 

And here’s a thought- what if rest is as or more important than the housework? 

What if we would actually be better off if we chucked the guilt and put our feet up to watch that third episode, knowing this was the best use of our time? That the break is warranted, necessary and beneficial to what we’re trying to do or be?

What if life is too short to be tearing ourselves down for taking a break rather than picking up the scattered duplo for the 400th time that week? 

We can teach our daughters that rest is valuable, vital and their absolute right. We can give them freedom to recoup and enjoy the simple things.  But we have to talk us into it first… right?