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There’s a tiny person turning 1 in the morning. In lockdown. One year ago I was wandering around our old place in labour. I’d bought a bunny snuggly that day since the shops had JUST reopened. My husband was setting up the birth pool. Bubba was on the way, and so were...

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Lockdown 4.0

Lockdown this time is weird. Still feels awkward and I’m still a grumpy bitch (my poor children) and I’m still ready to not be at home all the time anymore. But it also feels familiar and the trauma response has been more diluted by that fact somehow. The hope that...

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Women are so bloody cool. When I was young I would look at other women and girls my age with envy and misery that I could not possess what I perceived that they did. I would feel overshadowed by their sunshine, their intellect, power and beauty. Well, in recent years-...

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There are no absolutes. No rules. No definites. If you’ve been told your oldest will certainly be jealous or aggressive with the baby.If you’re worried you won’t sleep for three years because that’s what happened to someone you know.If you believe you must raise...

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At Lunch

Took myself to lunch. When I had one baby I virtually never went anywhere or did anything alone. There was always a person to see or a baby activity to attend. If I went anywhere without Bub, I would be racing to get back- feeling guilty for stepping away. Otherwise I...

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Big Questions and Honesty

My kids started asking questions about sex, death, illness, bodies, relationships and god waaaay earlier than I perhaps imagined. And I was surprised at how giggly and awkward and tongue tied I became at some of these topics. I was surprised at how much my script on...

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A Note on Your Cervix…

A note on your cervix- if you happen to be the proud owner of one- In a few of my birth classes over the years, women have expressed to me that they have been led to believe that in established labour, their cervix will dilate approximately 1cm per hour. And I have to...

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Moving Anxieties

Woke up this morning already deep into bear mode. After nursing quite the hangover yesterday (I’m just not used to that anymore people!) I feel like the funk was slowly descending over the last 24 hours. We have to move house again and all the ghosts and ghouls of...

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