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Rest.  Anyone else have a completely bulls**t story on rest? A story that you allow to keep running the same track over and over? Or maybe even one that you’ve tried to upend but it just 👏 keeps 👏 coming 👏 back?  Hopefully not just me… Rest is one of those things...

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This isn’t about Freedom

If you think these infantile, cowardly men are for freedom, you are just fooling yourself. In fact if you think freedom only applies to individuals and is defined as being able to do whatever you want regardless of the impact it has on the wider community of humans...

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The AZ?

So many people I admire (and some I don’t) have been out and about on socials and TV this week encouraging us all to get vaccinated. I hear phrases like- ‘it’s our best way out of this mess’ & ‘this is how we end lockdowns’. And I agree. But- I am not eligible to...

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Packing Boxes in Lockdown

Moving house in lock down for the second time inside a year. And I must say- moving really triggers me. Renting really triggers me. It gives me anxiety and PTSD symptoms and I hate it.Plus the sudden intro of restrictions and every other thing this year has brought-...

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First Birthdays…

Such a day of big feelings as my littlest person turned one.A crazy year. But one in which she grew beautifully. Strong and clever and affectionate.Such a feeling of pride, elation, sadness, nostalgia and unbridled joy. Knowing my little baby is gone. But is replaced...

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There’s a tiny person turning 1 in the morning. In lockdown. One year ago I was wandering around our old place in labour. I’d bought a bunny snuggly that day since the shops had JUST reopened. My husband was setting up the birth pool. Bubba was on the way, and so were...

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Lockdown 4.0

Lockdown this time is weird. Still feels awkward and I’m still a grumpy bitch (my poor children) and I’m still ready to not be at home all the time anymore. But it also feels familiar and the trauma response has been more diluted by that fact somehow. The hope that...

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Vomit Comet

Over the weekend, two of my children destroyed my car with vomit over the course of a four hour round trip. We missed a very important birthday party, I missed a long awaited/ much needed women’s circle. It was just dreadful altogether. In terms of the vomit horror...

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