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Let’s get real about modern mothering. It’s wonderful and brutal, rewarding and challenging, it’s the greatest and the f***ing toughest thing you can do. And it will reveal you, grow you and make you. What’s more- motherhood is often the foundation upon which our society and our future is built.

Join Annie Tayleur: writer, doula, teacher and mother of three, as she opens up the discussion of the real value of motherhood and the psychological, spiritual and emotional development of mothers. Sharing stories, asking experts and telling the truth about mothering and levelling up.

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The Overshare

Sometimes I feel that I overshare on my socials.After all- who am I to share anything? Right...? And my process and painful, exhausting growth- especially lately- can look quite bleak on the surface too. Even to me. But then... I receive a plethora of various messages...

What’s Next…?

Figuring out what’s next. The only thing I ever wanted to be, the thing I’ve put the most time, effort and thought into for the last 30 odd years, the only thing I built my life in definitive pursuit of is motherhood. And as a calling it has so far been wonderful,...

Stay or Go?

The thing about wanting to live an extraordinary life... Of not wanting to accept the mediocre... Of wanting to push the boundaries and be a great example to your kids... Is that it’s painful. It’s work. Intense self work.It means having to learn to love the parts of...

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