Getting Real About Birth

A Personalised Online Childbirth Education Program designed to give you the Big Picture

Independent Childbirth Education is the most important investment you can make before the arrival of your darling baby. Our mainstream modern culture simply does not have a framework in which comfort around birth or choices in birth are normalised. We all need a hand to get friendly with birth before we get to that birthing day.

Prior to the commencement of this course, I will be in contact with you to better understand what will be most important to hone in on as we unpack birth together. 

Over three evening sessions, the GRAB course incorporates an honest look at the mental, emotional and physical aspects of birth, a wide range of strategies for your birthing day and an in-depth discussion of how to be the decision maker in your birth experience.

The program is broken up into 3 sessions and topics are specifically designed to give you an honest and broad look at birth through your own interests and values within the setting of contemporary birth culture. 

Three Empowering Online Sessions All About You

The Getting Real About Birth Course is broken up into 3 information rich sessions. Across the evenings we share, you will gain understandings and insights into what birth is, what you can do as a birthing person and how to plan and be an active decision maker in your birth.

But the most important thing about the GRAB Program is that it differs each time for each person, couple or group that takes part. The program is set up to cater specifically to YOU, to ensure that what is covered meets your specific needs and interests as we take a deep dive into birth in a relaxed and conversational setting. Get your questions answered and resources that apply to you and your birth partner to empower and excite you for the birth of your baby.

Strategies for Birthing

In our second session together, we will pick apart some strategies that both you and your birth partner can participate in when you enter the birth space. 

With the potential for inclusion of positive affirmations, movement and positioning, dance, rebozo, natural therapies, relaxation and evidence-based resources- classes are rich with tools, strategies and information.

Making Choices for Birth

Birth is not a passive event. Birth does not happen TO you. Birth belongs to the birthing person and the process is life-changing.

This can feel very intense or like a big responsibility. The GRAB progam is about readying yourself and your birth partner to make choices, ask questions and utilise the resources and skilled professionals at your disposal to get on top of this feeling. 

In our final session together, we work through your birth plan (a template can be included), what matters most to you and discuss strategies for making active choices in birth.

Birth as a Rite of Passage

Birth is a transformative, spiritual journey. What could be more so, than bringing new life into the world? Regardless of the form that birth takes on the surface.

The GRAB Program frames your fears, questions, hopes, excitement and instincts for birth as part of the magnificent journey that you will take as you enter or evolve in parenthood. 

This program is definitely for you if you feel that in birthing your baby, you will also be birthing the next version of yourself!


Ballarat, Victoria

Monday, Tuesday & Friday : 9am – 3pm

Saturday : 10am – 1pm