Support and Coaching

A Cuppa and a Chat 

My 1:1 Parenting Support is now on offer through an informal cuppa and chat. This can take place in person or on the phone. Each meet-up goes for up to 2 hours and cost approx $40 per session. I can assist with a wide range of parenting issues and also normalise your experience as we chat.


As a Doula, Teacher and Educator I have a solid knowledge base of parenting strategies and child development. As a Mother, I have the felt and lived experience that the journey of nurturing tiny humans brings.

I now provide support to parents who know there is no one single way to do parenting well. Nobody is going to do it just like you or to be who your children need in quite the way that you can.

I help to consult and strategise with you 1:1 to find an approach to parenting that is respectful and meaningful to both you and your child/ren when you need it most. I aim to provide practical solutions and ease feelings of stress or guilt.

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Support for Parenting According to Your Values and Circumstances


Assistance with Challenging or Concerning Behaviours


Structuring of Daily Routines for Families


Seek Out Calm and Patience


Sleep, Settling, Nutrition and Wellbeing Support


Developmentally Appropriate Solutions


Ballarat, Victoria

Monday, Tuesday & Friday : 9am – 3pm

Saturday : 10am – 1pm