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About Me

My name’s Annie- first off I’m a mum, a really good one. My three little people are the movers and earth shakers behind everything that I do.

I’m a writer, a professional teacher, podcast host, a feminist, a birth and women’s worker. 

My work and passions centre around childhood, womxnhood, motherhood and lifespan development. I also love to focus on inclusive practice and creativity.

I love true stories, made-up stories, and the written word.

I believe in doing life within the bonds of the human experience and what we have in common. I believe in celebrating diversity and welcoming our different stories as valuable and worthy.

Over the last few years I have been working in the fields of education, community and support services for womxn and children. It has been a privilege to educate, validate, hold space for and share the stories of many diverse families, couples, women and children.


Ballarat, Victoria