Birth & Postnatal

Support for Pregnant, Birthing and New Parents.

As a certified Doula, I offer emotional and physical support for pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. I will get to know you and your values in order to provide you ongoing support that is relevant to you and your family situation. I am well equipped to support both birthing people AND their partners in the birth space. I provide skills and information allowing you to utilise natural therapies and birthing & parenting wisdom in your own experience. I am also able to help with birth planning and navigating the system.

I do not offer advice or make decisions for you but instead offer myself as a consistent, knowledgable, open-hearted resource for your rite of passage into parenthood.


Pregnancy and Birth Resources


Birth Attendance


Experienced Support for New Parents


Respect for Your Values and Wishes

How do Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Services work?

Once you have placed an enquiry with me seeking support, I will shortly thereafter contact you to make a complimentary interview session to make sure you feel I am a good fit for you!

Assuming you wish to book my services, we will then schedule appointment dates according to the package that works best for you. This may also include time spent on call and a back-up Doula if this is relevant to your needs. 

My services come as emotional and physical support, birthing/ mothering wisdom, knowledge of natural therapies, evidence-based resources and a desire to hold space for you in creating your birth story. 

Pregnancy, Birth Attendance and Postnatal Support Package
  • 2 Pregnancy appointments scheduled after our first meeting
  • Birth Planning
  • Assistance in seeking out evidence-based resources and documentation
  • 4 Weeks of 24/7 on-call support
  • Back-up Doula arrangements if necessary
  • Birth attendance and support
  • Natural approaches to birth including rebozo, positioning, acupressure, massage, hypnobirthing approaches, relaxation, Dancing for Birth, aromatherapy and more
  • Respect for your wishes at all times
  • Support for Birth Partners/ Companions
  • 2 Postnatal appointments to support you and your new baby (see Postnatal Package for more info)

Cost: $1400 Approx 

Postnatal Support Package
  • 5 Postnatal Appointments scheduled after our first meeting
  • Debriefing your birth experience
  • Referal to relevant support services and resources if necessary
  • Support with sleep and settling, feeding baby and general care for baby
  • Support with baby wearing
  • Provision of meals for the early days
  • Holding baby or taking them for a walk while you shower, rest or take a break
  • Emotional support and bolstering
  • Support and tools for partners
  • Making you a cup of tea and just having a simple chat about how things are going and what a fabulous job you are doing!

Cost: $950

Birth Planning and Birth Coaching
  • Support in Pregnancy to write a Birth Plan/ Birth Wish-list
  • Assistance finding evidence-based resources to inform your choices
  • Support in navigating the hospital system
  • Discussions prior to appointments with care providers to ensure you feel confident in any further information you wish to seek out from them

or, all of the above and…

  • 4 weeks of on-call 24/7 Birth Coaching support via phone or online
  • Includes many of the supports offered in my standard doula package but from a distance rather than in-person birth attendance.

Cost: $350-$850 Approx


I am so grateful that Annie was by my side during my birth. It was a very long labour, and there were many times I felt overwhelmed. Annie’s calm presence throughout was absolutely a game changer, supporting me and my partner as we navigated this experience. Her advice prior to my labour was invaluable as a first time Mum working out what all these weird sensations were and how to put my birth preferences together. For anyone who might be thinking of hiring a doula, I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a calm, wise, and grounded woman like Annie to guide you through your birthing experience.

No words can do justice to express how incredibly grateful we are to have had Annie with us on what became an interesting and somewhat complicated labour and birthing journey… Annie knew when to step in and offer advice and comfort and knew when to sit back and just be with us. She knew when it became a big emotional moment for us when the idea of a cesarean was first suggested and used all of her physical strength, knowledge and birthing wisdom to do everything she could to support us and our baby… Every moment with her was just so incredibly beautiful and great!

Highly recommend my lovely friend Annie. After birthing five times three without her and two with I cannot imagine doing it without a doula. The best support you’ll ever have. Before during and after you are cared for and looked after in the most caring gentle way that you didn’t know you needed.

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